Life4me+ is an app that makes life easier for HIV-positive people. The aрр allows you to receive news about HIV infection and related diseases, events and people. The GPS navigator helps you find a nearby hospital, clinic, or HIV community throughout the world. It helps you to conveniently organize your medication intake timetable and set concealed and personalized reminders, get doctor’s recommendations, and schedule doctor’s appointments or blood tests. It also makes keeping track of your tests more convenient and allows you to always have them at hand.

Technology stack:

  • Back-end: Php 7.0, Symfony 2.8, Doctrine 2, PostgreSQL 9.3, Redis;
  • Front-end: HTML5, Sass, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, Mustache, moment.js, Typeahead, Zabuto Calendar, jquery.Fullpage;
  • Android: Retrofit2, SQLite, EventBus3, Crashlytics, Maps Android API, MPAndroidChart, SQLCipher;
  • iOS: RESTKit, SQLite, SQL-Cipher, FMDB, GoogleMaps SDK, Charts 3.0.

Main features:

  • Receive the latest news about HIV infection and related diseases, events and people;
  • Read HIV-related articles from the built-in catalog;
  • Find clinics, communities and help around your location;
  • Connect with your doctor and get recommendations, test results and appointments; add drugs to intake;
  • Log your body’s measurements and drug intake;
  • Setup flexible reminders so as not to forget to take your drugs, refill medicine stock or visit your doctor;
  • Your doctor will be aware of all the changes in your health via the doctor’s account on the website;
  • The application is completely secured and confidential, no personal information is collected.

Visit the website: