CREW system allows companies to manage projects which are under active development, keep a record of employees working hours and always have clear up-to-date information, to sum up internal activities for billing the customers at actual time spent on development.


Technology stack:

  •    Web APIs and Web UI using Microsoft ASP.NET Core MVC;
  •    Entity Framework Core;
  •    OpenIddict;
  •    MS SQL Server 2014;
  •    Bootstrap 3, JQuery, HTML5;
  •   Android SDK, Retrofit 2, Okhttp 3, Gson, Realm, Stetho, EventBus 3, Joda-Time, CircleImageView.

Main features:

  •    Manage projects profiles: create development team from employment pool, manage project categories for reporting, setting reporting period dates;
  •    View of employees accounts and their activities, setting admin rights for user account if required;
  •    Self-service function that allows employees to track and edit their own activities for each project they assigned to;
  •    Flexible summary reports depending on goal – for summing up internal results or billing customers;
  •    Export reports to excel.