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Remote Development Team
The remote development team in outsourcing is an advantageous choice for long-term cooperation when a large volume of work is expected.
Remote team allows you to cut expenses by means of using external development services.
We have a team of highly qualified specialists which will allow you to accomplish the great amount of work.
Programmers can participate in the project both on a full and part-time basis. The client’s objective is to provide the planned workload. The project budget depends on its complexity and developers experience.
Change of Requirements
The workload of a dedicated team depends on the client’s need who has a full control over the development process. The project may contain various tasks which is considered when it comes to changing the project’s requirements or objective priorities which means there will be no problems if client needs to change a direction of development process.
Immediate communication between the client and the team is a crucial factor in any software development project. Dedicated team has no psychological need to hide a possible problem in project development, which allows the client to respond as quickly as possible and take decisions if needed.
Savings of Recruitment
Necessity to look for experts who will take part in your app or a website implementation will be vanished.  As an outsourcing company we provide any resources needed  to develop the project. You get extra savings on office workplace expenses, workforce, internship and introduction to the policy and workflow of the company.
A least interval necessary betwixt the decision for setting up a project and the actual onset of development is the main plus of a remote development team. It makes much more easier planning and preparation process as long as the whole team located in the one place. It’s thought to have minimum time gaps between the releases of the product as well as continuous support and updates. These releases may work as an incentive for the team engaged in following the scheduled deadlines. Thus, sticking to the schedule and tasks facilitates to a long-term development of the project and mutual collaboration between the client and the team.
Better staff management
Depending on necessity you can easily change any developer within dedicated team by engaging or dismissing them on preliminarily agreed terms.
When you hire a new developer one needs a bit of time to adjust to a new team. An effective dedicated team hired for the particular task will become better solution in this situation.
The full structure, allocation of roles and particular approach to each member allows to begin the work on a project without a delay.
If needed team can be adjusted to have up to 1-2 developers after the main project has been developed to continuously maintain and upgrade the code.
If a new large-scale development is needed the dedicated team can be re-expanded and developers working with the project will be able to transfer their experience to a new team.