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Happy birthday, ONLINICO!

Dear colleagues, Today we’re celebrating our First Year Anniversary. Our company is now only 1 year old, and still very young and…

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software developers

We’re Hiring!

ONLINICO currently has three open vacancies. What we offer: – Friendly team; – Comfortable office located in the city center; – Professional…

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INSANE BYTE’16 Conference will be held in Kremenchuk on 11 June, 2016

We are pleased to announce that the first INSANE BYTE’16 Conference will be held in Kremenchuk on the 11th of June, 2016.…

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INSANE BYTE ’16 is coming…

Be patient. The date, schedule & registration will be available in 2 weeks. Please subscribe to keep informed.


LAND – the game for rare PDP-11 Soviet clone. Windows reincarnation

In far 1988, being a sixth-grader, I became for the first time, acquainted with the computer. The DVK-3M with the integrated black-and-white…

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